RAISE UP LTD is a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies reshaping trillion-dollar markets. We manage a hedge fund and a venture fund, investing across both public and private markets.
Since founding the firm in November 2020 we’ve developed a reputation for being forward-leaning, independent thinkers. We are known for pioneering token economic models, valuation methodologies, and challenging long-standing assumptions that the crypto ecosystem takes for granted.

Crypto is the first inherently global asset class, and we’ve built our team around the world, with a presence in London, New York City, and Beijing. As a crypto-native fund, we actively participate in networks via staking, keeper operations, liquidations, and more. Moreover, we are intimately familiar with the crypto technology landscape and market structure. We are hands-on investors, and will do everything in our power to maximize the success of our portfolio companies. Today, we manage both long-term and short-term capital on behalf of legendary venture funds, family offices, institutions and individuals.

Cryptoassets represent disruptive early stage technology, liquid public markets, and new use cases and business models.
Navigating this space requires an approach operating at the intersection of cryptography, game theory, network and behavioral economics, competitive strategy, computer science, investing and portfolio management.
We are a team of investors, engineers, data scientists, operators and risk managers focused on stewarding capital and helping to responsibly build this globally-connected market and industry.

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01.Data Security

Our dedicated DDOS-protected server is equipped with the strongest antivirus software. The website works correctly and customers' data are transferred in encrypted forms.

02.User-friendly interface

RAISE UP LTD has been uniquely designed to give you a user-friendly interface so that you can make the most of our investment platform without any hassle.

03.Stable income

Our company ensures the return of funds to investors and the payment of profits in full and strictly regulated terms, completely eliminating reputational risks.

04.Fast withdrawal

We process all withdrawal requests in a manual mode without any fee and as fast as possible within the established time limit. You can make as many requests as you want.

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